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Our products combine document cameras and scanners into one, small unit. They dramatically reinvent these product categories with their high performance, high resolution, enhanced functionality and breakthrough price. learn more >

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Experience a HoverCam document camera in your classroom free for 30 days. No credit card required and we'll even pay for the shipping. See for yourself how our document cameras will engage your students...
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The Solo 5 is ideal for various classroom activities, especially when used with our HoverCam Flex software. It provides excellent picture clarity, high quality color and a great refresh rate for a dynamic presentations or demos. learn more >

California superintendent talks about HoverCam in the classroom.

Published on Mar 14, 2013

Mike McCormick of Val Verde Unified School District gives his thoughts on the HoverCam Solo 5.

Hear from a teacher.

Ms. Kelly Hadland recommends HoverCam for the classroom and demonstrates some of the possibilities.

The HoverCam X300 (and the T3) is a compact, high resolution document camera used by school teachers. It supports all the functions typically found in $500 products but only costs $219.

A teacher could record her lessons – both video and audio – and at the conclusion of class, upload the video files to one of our many integrated cloud solutions, including EverNote and DropBox. At that point, she could share the file with students who happen to be absent that day. She could save the lesson and replay it the next time she needs to teach the same class again. She could use the cloud to share lessons with substitute teachers when she has to skip a day. How will you use the cloud?

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