About Our Company

Pathway Innovations and Technologies, Inc., is a privately held company headquartered in San Diego, California that develops innovative products that enhance learning, improve communication and help people save time.

The company is the designer and manufacturer of HoverCam software and document cameras - a product that combines the features of a digital camera and a scanner into a new form factor. A technology leader in USB document cameras, Pathway Innovations and Technologies has a strong track record for developing disruptive products, especially for the education market. Key accomplishments include: the first 3 MegaPixel USB document camera priced under $200 for schools (2010); the first document camera to incorporate two cameras (2011); the world’s fastest 5 MegaPixel USB document camera (2011); the world’s first pocket-size document camera (2013); the world’s first 12 MegaPixel USB 3.0 document camera (2014); and the GuruBook, the world’s first integrated Android tablet document camera (2014). HoverCam document cameras are already used in over 100,000 North American classrooms. The company holds several patents and U.S. Patents Pending covering key imaging technologies.

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Our Vision

The company believes education should be a highly engaging and interactive process and that technology needs to be affordable for every classroom, every teacher and every student.

The vision for teachers is to equip them with a dashboard type of tool at their fingertips, showing a clear picture at anytime of how students in the class are doing, such as homework results, their gradebooks, class participation records, and an itemized analysis of where each student has the most difficulty in learning. Having a dashboard tool will allow, teachers to quickly intervene to make improvements, and to communicate recommendations timely with parents through email showing not only scores but also images of the student’s work. The GuruBook is the company’s first product towards that vision, a full-fledged tablet and document camera tool that can be used not only for instruction but also to capture, grade, analyze and share students’ work.

For students, the company envisions each will have a digital portfolio archiving images of all their homework, tests, classwork, blogs, and anything related to student life in an education focused social media environment, also along with a dashboard showing where they stand in terms of grades, teacher’s comments, and where their performance can be improved through itemized analysis results, and what type of enrichment materials or exercises they should work on.

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Company Officers

  • Ji Shen, CEO
  • Craig Justice, Vice President of Sales


Document Camera Reseller Program

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