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Automatic Book Scanner Revolutionizes and Impresses

Created on Monday, 19 December 2011 13:17 Published on Monday, 19 December 2011 13:17

A five-minute interview with Ji Shen, founder and CEO of Pathway Innovations and Technologies, Inc., the San Diego, California-based manufacturer of the HoverCam, which can be seen in CES LVCC South Hall 4, Upper Level, booth 36828.




Q: The Impress is certainly interesting looking. What is it?

SHEN: The HoverCam Impress is a professional quality book scanner with an automatic page turner. For the first time, consumers can digitize and archive their personal library of printed books.



Q: It’s small, too. Is it intended to be portable?

SHEN: Yes. The V-shaped stand folds to fit into a briefcase. Everything is in one self-contained portable unit. It connects to your laptop through a USB port.



Q: What are some of its specifications?

SHEN: It has two 5 megapixel cameras with built-in lights. The fixed focus lenses with deep depth of field allow for the natural curvature of an open book. A vacuum-based automatic page turner allows the user to capture both pages of an open book simultaneously. The files are then saved to your PC or Mac and from there can be used on your iPad, Kindle or other eReader.



Q: That’s excellent. Does it have any other features?

SHEN: Yes. It does OCR and works with Text-To-Speech. Essentially, it could scan a book and read it back to you.



Q: That’s impressive!

SHEN: That’s the Impress.