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Solo - The CES Must-See Camera - HoverCam - Document Cameras and Scanners

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Solo - The CES Must-See Camera

Created on Monday, 19 December 2011 13:17 Published on Monday, 19 December 2011 13:17

A five-minute interview with Ji Shen, founder and CEO of Pathway Innovations and Technologies, Inc., the San Diego, California-based manufacturer of the HoverCam, which can be seen in CES LVCC South Hall 4, Upper Level, booth 36828.


Q: Tell me about this Solo 5 that I have heard so much about. It looks kind of small.

SHEN: It is. It is really only about a foot tall. We imagine it as an unobtrusive office camera that can sit out on your desk all the time.

Q: Being so small, it must just be used to scan notes.

SHEN: You could but that is not the intention. The Solo scans A3 sized paper at 5 megapixel resolution. It also does 1080p full HD video.

Q: A3 sized paper? That’s nearly the same as two Letter-sized pages put together.

SHEN: Exactly.

Q: That’s remarkable. Is there anything else we should know about it?

SHEN: Yes! It is a scanner, a fax machine, and a web conferencing tool. It allows you to perform digital signature. Built-in is integration with cloud services such as DropBox and EverNote. You can even annotate on your scans and videos.

Q: It sounds like it does everything.

SHEN: We like to call it the Swiss Army knife of document cameras.

Q: It certainly lives up to that title.

SHEN: We are hoping everyone stops by booth 36828 to see the device for themselves.

Q: I think they will. This is one of CES’ must-see products!