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Category: Testimonials

Welcome to the show. I’m Michael McCormick, assistant superintendent of Ed Services for the Val Verde Unified School District. In our district, made of 21 schools, we pride ourselves in providing our classrooms with the best technologies for our teachers to use for instruction. One of the most important tools we selected for our teachers to use for effective instruction is the HoverCam. In fact, I was so impressed with this powerful digital camera and its many capabilities that I’ve made it a district priority to place one in every classroom at all grade levels. I even joked with my IT staff, that they should call me, “Mr. HoverCam”.

The HoverCam is a well-designed digital camera that is a cost effective choice. For any school district considering selecting a powerful tool that will impact instruction, the Solo 5, as you can see here, is a beautiful designed camera that’s easy to use to leverage learning in the classroom. I can tell you, from visits to all the classrooms in our district, every one of our teachers use it differently because the HoverCam is like a Swiss army knife type tool that gives them a cornucopia of choices.

For example, I've seen it used by our teachers to show student work and examples of how to work with a math problem or markup text. Brainstorm ideas with another class or even create short, instructional videos.

Using the free, GradeCentral Software, you can use the HoverCam to grade multiple choice quizzes and test, saving valuable time in the classroom.

My IT Department also wanted me to let you know, that the HoverCam is very responsive in supporting customer use of their product. In fact, here at CUE Conference, you will see our Val Verde teachers demonstrate effective instruction, using the Solo 5. When you talk to the HoverCam team, tell them Mr. HoverCam sent you.

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