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GradeCentral Assesment Software

Testing made easier than ever!

Test your students, grade their exams with HoverCam GradeCentral and instantly see reports in the Gradebook. It’s that simple. GradeCentral is designed exclusively to be used with a HoverCam document camera. Grade multiple-choice tests and get instant reports for constant monitoring of where students are in the learning process.

1. Test

Test can be created using regular printer paper on either full page or half page sheets (to conserve paper). However, if you really want to save on paper, use our patented AnswerKeeper answer sheets. These laminated answer sheets included a specially treated cover to prevent grading errors caused by glare.

Your tests can be exported and shared with other educators or saved for use when you teach the same subject. You can even upload the test questions to make it easier to review with the class after their exams have been turned in.

2. Grade

We have endeavored to make GradeCentral the most accurate assessment software possible. It does not matter how quick assessment software is if it is not reliable. GradeCentral is a grading solution you can count on.

Whether you are giving a quick pop quiz or a detailed final exam, GradeCentral takes the pain out of grading. GradeCentral answer sheets can handle tests of up to 105 questions. Imagine being able to assess and enter scores by simply dropping the student’s answer sheet under the camera. GradeCentral even captures and stores an image of the answer sheet on our server.

3. Report

As answer sheets are scanned, scores instantly appear in the electronic Gradebook. Detailed reports allow you to see how an entire class is performing or an individual. You can sort scores for a specific quiz to show you which questions were missed most often. This allows you to rapidly assess what subjects need to be reviewed.

Link your test questions to Common Core and State Standards to generate standards-based reports later. Now, you can instantly know what standards you need to review to help your students excel. The scores gathered and tallied in GradeCentral can then be exported as a CSV file and imported into the student information system of choice as needed.

GradeCentral Assessment Software

The QuickMount Base Increases Stability.
The AccuScan Tray Increases Accuracy.

In addition to the GradeCentral software, every GradeCentral kit comes with a QuickMount Base and AccuScan Tray for improved lighting, positioning, and stability. If stability is a concern, or if you want to permanently affix your HoverCam to a metal or wood surface, the QuickMount Base in the GradeCentral Kit is the solution for you. The QuickMount Base could also be affixed with Velcro. In any case, the HoverCam can be locked and unlocked from the QuickMount Base as needed. You do not need to sacrifice the HoverCam’s portability for greater stability.

The AccuScan Tray helps align an 8x10 document under the camera. It is intended to ensure that grading accuracy is at its best but it is also convenient for when you want to quickly align a page under the camera for scanning or presentation.

Parent Portal.

Have you ever wondered if your child turned in his or her assignment on time? Are you a parent who would like a more active role in your child’s academic career? As a cloud-based system, GradeCentral can be accessed anywhere.

We wanted to extend that access to concerned parents. is HoverCam GradeCentral’s parent portal. Now, you can see your child’s test scores instantly. iPhone users will like the GradeCentral iPhone app which makes retrieving the GradeCentral scores easier than ever.


GradeCentral Kit Contains:

  • GradeCentral Setup
  • AccuScan Tray
  • QuickMount Base
  • All necessary cables

Each GradeCentral Account Entitles You To:

  • 1 Unique Login
  • 8 Classes
  • Installation on up to 3 Computers
  • Unlimited Students
  • Unlimited Tests

Minimum System Requirements

  • Hardware Required:
    HoverCam Document Camera (backwards compatible)
  • PC:Windows XP/7/Vista, compatible with Windows XP SP3 or greater, U.S. version of windows only
  • Internet Connection Required