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HoverCam Contact

box masterHoverCam Contact is the business card scanning software that comes with the HoverCam Mini 5 and HoverCam Solo 5x.

With all these great features, purchasing the Mini 5 or Solo 5x with preloaded HoverCam Contact Software is right for you and your business. This software makes your life much easier because it organizes your contacts for you and allows you a lot of flexibility in how to access and provide your contacts' details.

  • Organize your contacts into a virtual Rolodex.
  • Quickly scan and organize business cards into your computer. Upload them to cloud services or into your SmartPhone.
  • Go paperless. Get rid of unwanted clutter for good.
  • A straightforward method to expand your influence on FaceBook.
  • Search all fields - not just the name - of your database of contacts.
  • Scan with the exceptional accuracy and resolution of the HoverCam.
  • Export to vCard to use on your SmartPhone.
  • Scan the QRCode of a HoverCam Contact to conveniently import it into your SmartPhone.
  • Intuitive interface for adding contacts manually.
  • Group contacts to send mass email.
  • Stores original business card scan to verify accuracy.
  • Click to write and send an email to a contact
  • Mouse over an address to show the location on Google Maps.
  • File format: JPEG