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TWAIN Driver

Our scanner. Your software.


TWAIN is the universal interface standard for scanners. Nearly all scanners come with a TWAIN driver, which makes them compatible with any TWAIN-supporting software.  If you have software that you would like to use and simply need a high resolution scanner then the HoverCam is an excellent solution.


It’s a general misconception that TWAIN is an acronym. It is not. “TWAIN” is said to have been chosen by one of the original authors of version 1.0, after having read Mark Twain. Another possible origin for the name comes from “TWAIN’s” definition as “dual” or "two".  The implication is that the TWAIN driver allows you to use more than one device.


Freedom for the Visually Impaired


While HoverCam Flex comes with Tesseract OCR software, there are many other choices for the visually impaired. The TWAIN Driver allows you to use your choice of OCR software to scan, digitize and have your computer read back documents to you. The choice is yours.


Variety in Grading and Assessment Solutions


We like to think that our GradeCentral software is the best for grading and assessment but you can decide for yourself. If you prefer other assessment software, the TWAIN driver may be the key. Ask your software provider if their software supports TWAIN.


Interactive Whiteboards


There are a variety of ways to use the HoverCam with Interactive Whiteboards. Our Catapult and Whiteboard Connector software are some of the most convenient methods but certain IWB’s use TWAIN drivers to recognize scanners. If you should have one of these IWB’s, rest assured that the HoverCam will be compatible with it.


TWAIN Driver download is currently available to anyone who would like to utilize a standard twain compliant application. Please note that though this is a standard implementation of TWAIN some applications may vary in behavior.




System Requirements

Operating systems: Windows 2000/XP/2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7

    Minimum: Intel Pentium III 1GHz or faster processor
    Recommended: Pentium 4 2GHZ or faster


    Minimum: 1GB RAM
    Recommended: 2GB RAM

**For 15fps or above HD Videoperformance, Dual Processor PC is required.