HoverCam Announces World’s First USB 3.0 Document Camera with 4K Resolution and Full-Motion Video for the Education Market

San Diego, (April 30, 2014) — Pathway Innovations and Technologies, Inc., maker of the HoverCam document cameras and portable scanners, announced today a new generation of document cameras that redefines document camera technology and pushes performance to an unprecedented level.


The HoverCam Solo 8 is the world’s first SuperSpeed USB 3.0 document camera that utilizes an advanced 8-megapixel sensor that delivers uncompressed YUV video with 4K resolution at true 30 frames per second (fps) – full-motion video frame rate.


“Many document camera manufacturers claim they can achieve a 30fps frame rate over USB, but it usually only happens at a low resolution like VGA,” said Kamille Franchomme, Pathway’s product marketing manager. “The Solo 8 is the only document camera that delivers 4K resolution – which is 20x VGA resolution – while maintaining full-motion frame rate. This is a breakthrough in document camera performance.”


This engineering feat is achieved through a new generation of imaging technology called Photon 1.0. The Photon 1.0 imaging engine brings the user the best image and color, the highest resolution and the fastest frame rate to allow for amazingly crisp and clear images and truly lag-free full motion video over USB 3.0 and USB 2.0.


The unit is backwards compatible with USB 2.0, providing users with 30fps speed using minimal MJPEG compression. Solo 8 is compatible with both Windows and Mac, with no drivers to install.


Unlike traditional document cameras that incorporate large and expensive optical components, the Solo 8 also achieves a high level of zoom magnification and superb clarity without the need of expensive optical lenses. The result is a more compact document camera with better performance. The Solo 8’s footprint is significantly smaller on a user’s desk and is less than half the cost of traditional document cameras.


Solo 8 comes pre-loaded with a software bundle – FlexView and FlexCap – which transforms the Solo 8 into a multi-functional device, allowing users to record video, take snapshots, scan documents directly to PDF, annotate and record annotations over video and use the camera as a webcam.


“Since its debut at trade shows around the U.S. and Europe, response to Solo 8 has been phenomenal. This is possibly the best document camera ever built,” said Franchomme. “Educators are excited to experience a product that can finally keep up with them when they teach and create their lessons. We’ve definitely raised the bar in document camera technology. This is what educators should expect from every document camera on the market today – this is how they should really perform.”


A pivoting stage called the VersoBoard is also available for $29.99. Pair the Solo 8 with the VersoBoard to eliminate glare caused by direct overhead lighting. Its solid construction unfolds to accommodate three paper sizes, letter, legal and ledger and can adjust to any angle.


The Solo 8 is shipping now for $349. For a limited time, HoverCam and its authorized dealers are offering a $100 instant rebate per unit with trade-in of a document camera regardless of brand. For additional information please visit www.thehovercam.com/solo-8.


HoverCam models and accessories are available online through the HoverCam online store (www.thehovercam.com/store), a network of education-focused resellers and office product superstores’ online sites.


About Pathway Innovations and Technologies, Inc.

Pathway Innovations and Technologies, Inc., based in San Diego, CA, is the designer and manufacturer of HoverCam document cameras and portable scanners and is a leader in education technology. The HoverCam is the first device to redefine the features of a camera and a scanner into a new form factor. The company develops innovative products that enhance learning, improve communication and help customers save time.

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Kamille Franchomme, Product Marketing Manager
(858) 750-3499 ext. 203