HoverCam Pilot X FAQ

HoverCam Pilot X FAQs


Does the HoverCam Pilot work with my existing displays, i.e., SMART Boards, projectors, interactive flat panels, or just a TV? Is your HoverCam proprietary display panel required?

The HoverCam Pilot works with your existing displays, including SMART Boards, interactive flat panels, projector or TV. HoverCam CenterStage panels are not required, but guarantee maximum compatibility

We are a Mac District, can I still use Pilot X?

We are currently working on a Mac compatible Pilot X solution. Please register here with your email address. We will update you as soon as the Mac solution becomes available.

What if my projector does not accept HDMI input, and only has VGA?

If your projector does not have an HDMI input, you can use an HDMI to VGA adapter.  They are available from third party vendors such as Amazon or Best Buy.

What is HoverCast technology?

HoverCast is an ultra-high speed dedicated point-to-point video and audio wireless radio technology. It is safe, simple, and reliable. It does not interfere with your existing WiFi or Bluetooth network. It can effectively send 4K quality video and stereo sound over HoverCast links.

In addition to video and audio, HoverCast is also compatible with most interactive flat panels and interactive projectors and can send touch input event data back to the Pilot X tablet computer. You will have synchronized touch interaction between the Pilot X tablet computer and the display.

What comes in the HoverCam Pilot X package upon delivery?

Pilot X tablet computer, Height and Tilt adjustable podium with battery pack and lockable tablet charging bay, HoverCast receiver, Power adapters, Active Pen Stylus, Stylus charging cable, Stylus holder, Tablet palm strap, flash drive with drivers and ClassFusion software.

How much does the whole package weigh and what’s the shipping cost?

Pilot X shipping weight is around 80 lbs. Shipping cost averages $95

Is HoverCast based on Bluetooth? Is it safe?

HoverCast uses Bluetooth to relay return touch inputs to and from the flat panel or display. Bluetooth is used in a wide variety of consumer devices and is considered safe

Is HoverCast using WiFi? Is it different from MiraCast?

HoverCast uses an ultra-high speed dedicated point-to-point video and audio wireless radio technology. It does not use WiFi and does not interfere with your existing WiFi network.

Miracast relies on your existing WiFi network to stream image and data content to displays. It produces low resolution, low refresh rate images and relies heavily on WiFi network speeds. Miracast can be unpredictable and can drastically affect network speeds.

What if I have an Apple TV? How does HoverCast technology compare to Apple TV?

Apple TV requires use of existing WiFi to stream content. Apple TV performance can be affected by network traffic.

HoverCast technology does not require the use of WiFi and will not affect or interfere with your existing network. HoverCast supports up to 4K uncompressed resolution, plus bidirectional mouse and touch inputs, which Apple TV does not

Why does the HoverCast antenna tilt? Do I need to adjust it constantly to keep it working?

The HoverCast antenna can be tilted to optimize reception. In most cases the antenna does not need to be re-adjusted.

Is the Pilot X tablet computer powered by battery? How long does the battery last?

The Pilot X tablet is powered by lithium ion batteries. Depending on the use and environment the tablet batteries last around 3 hours. This can be extended up to 9 hours when the tablet is placed and docked to the podium, which has an additional battery pack to keep the Pilot X tablet fully charged during the day.

What’s the overall battery life for using the Pilot X unplugged?

When Pilot X is docked to the podium in between use, the Pilot X battery life lasts for up to 9 hours on average.

What type of battery is used in Pilot X?

The Pilot X tablet uses 2, 7.4V 8500mAh Lithium-ion batteries. The Pilot X podium uses 3x 12.6 V 12000 mAh Lithium-ion batteries

What operating system is supported on Pilot X?

Pilot X comes with Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit pre-installed. License is not included

Why is the Windows 10 license not included?

Most schools and institutions already own a Windows site license. They prefer to forego the license and realize the cost savings.

Can I run my other classroom software on Pilot X?

The Pilot X tablet is a full Windows 10 computer, it can run virtually any classroom software you run on your current computer.

What software apps does HoverCam supply with Pilot X?

ClassFusion, Flex 11

Can I use the Pilot X anywhere in the classroom?

Pilot X was designed for maximum mobility and can be used anywhere in the classroom.

If we deploy Pilot X in multiple classrooms, will the HoverCast transceivers interfere with other transceivers in other classrooms?

Pilot X and HoverCast receivers work in pairs and will not interfere with

What’s your warranty policy?

Pilot X comes with a 1-year warranty. Extended 3 and 5 year warranty is available.

Does the Pilot X come with a stylus?

Pilot X comes with an active pen stylus, stylus charging cable and stylus holder.

I noticed there is a tablet locking bay, how do I charge the Pilot X with the tablet computer in the locking bay?

The Pilot X tablet can be safely stored and charged at night in the Podium’s locking bay. press in-bay charging lever to connect the Pilot X to power. Once charged pull the in-bay charging lever before pulling the tablet out.

What happens if I forget the combo numbers for the combo lock?

Call HoverCam customer service at (866) 201-2056 for instructions 

Are the CPU, RAM, and SSD in the Pilot X upgradable?

There are no user serviceable parts in the Pilot X

How long is the warranty?

Pilot X comes with a 1 year warranty and can be extended for up to 3 years

Can I use my own laptop?

We are currently working on a Pilot X accessory that will enable use of your own laptop. Please register here with your email address. We will update you as soon as the solution becomes available.

Does it include the Windows license?

The Pilot X ships with Windows 10, 64-bit pre-installed but not activated. Most schools already have a Windows site license and do not need it.

Can I Image it?

Yes, the Pilot X can be imaged by IT Personnel

Does it include a carrying case so I take it home?

A carrying case is not included. An accessory soft carrying case may be available in the future. Please enter your contact information here so we can notify you as soon as it becomes available.

How do I detach the document camera?

The document camera is not detachable. It can be folded and tucked away when not in use.

Do I have to use it with a HoverCam touch panel?

Pilot X is compatible with most Interactive Flat Panels. 





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