HoverCam vs IPEVO Review

Today, we are talking document cameras and the document camera we are going to talk about today is the Solo 5 from HoverCam. I, in the past, have reviewed the IPEVO.2 View, camera that I have liked. At a $69 price point, it was 2 thumbs up for obviously educational purposes…

This review by Education Technology Specialist, Jaime Vandergrift

California Superintendent on the HoverCam

Welcome to the show. I’m Michael McCormick, assistant superintendent of Ed Services for the Val Verde Unified School District. In our district, made of 21 schools, we pride ourselves in providing our classrooms with the best technologies for our teachers to use for instruction. One of the most important tools we selected for our teachers to use for effective instruction is the HoverCam…

This review by Michael McCormick, Assistant Superintendent of Ed Services for the Val Verde Unified School District

Carrie wants a HoverCam after seeing her colleague use one

Hi, my name is Carrie Flores. I am a 5th grade teacher at Mary-Bragg Elementary school in Cerritos. I had to opportunity to see one of my colleagues, Andy Long, use the Hover camera to teach a lesson in math and I was so impressed with it…

This review by 5th grade teacher, Carrie Flores.