Pilot Digital Podium

Meet the HoverCam Pilot Digital Podium

HoverCam Pilot Quick Demonstration

HoverCam Pilot 3 Introductory Video

Solo 8Plus Document Camera

Meet the Solo 8Plus Document Camera

Solo 8Plus Hardware Overview & Software Installation

Document Camera Shootout: ELMO MX-P vs. HoverCam Solo 8Plus

Solo 8 Spark Document Camera

Flex 11 on Solo 8 Spark

How to connect the Solo 8 Spark to Chromebook

Solo 8 Spark Document Camera Training (For Chromebook)

Solo 8 Document Camera

Introducing the New HoverCam Solo 8

Overview of HoverCam Solo 8 USB 3.0 Intelligent Document Camera, Scanner and Video Camera

HoverCam Solo 8 and Flex 10 Training Video for Windows

HoverCam Solo 8 Installation

HoverCam Solo 8 Document Camera – A Quick Start Tutorial

Teachers’ Perspectives on HoverCam Solo 8 Document Camera

Ultra 8 Document Camera

Meet the HoverCam Ultra 8 Document Camera – HDMI, VGA, USB 3.0 Output

Demonstration of HoverCam Ultra 8 Document Camera

HoverCam Cámara de Documentos y Objetos de 8 Megapixeles Resolución

Programming / Pairing Ultra 8 Remote Control to the Document Camera

HoverCam Ultra 8 Document Camera Training Video

CenterStage IFPD

Meet the HoverCam CenterStage 4K IFPD

HoverCam CenterStage IFPD: Quick Demonstration 65″ Model

CenterStage Second Generation Training Video

HoverCam CenterStage Training (Third Generation)

KnoteSter Suite

KnoteSter Suite Whiteboard Training

KnoteSter Suite Desktop Marker Training

KnoteSter Suite Lesson Recorder Training

KnoteSter Suite Archive Manager and Roster Manager Training

KnoteSter Document Camera Training

Flex 11 Software

Flex 11 Slingshot and Snapshot

Flex 11 Recording and Timelapse

Flex 11 Multi-Scan

Flex 11 Cropping and OCR Text Recognition

Flex 11 Annotation and Camera Options

Flex 11 Adjustment Options (Rotation, Focus, Zoom, Brightness, Contrast)

Uploading from Flex 11 to Google Classroom

Flex 11 Troubleshooting – Removing Black Bars Around Camera Image

Flex 11 Troubleshooting – Exiting from Split Screen

Flex 10 Software

Solo 8 and Flex 10 Software Demonstration Video

Tutorial #1: HoverCam Flex 10 Install & Solo 8 Quickstart

HoverCam Flex 10 Software Tutorial #2: Basic Overview

HoverCam Flex 10 Software Tutorial #3: Recording Functionality

HoverCam Flex 10 Software Tutorial #4: Beyond the Common Uses

HoverCam Flex 10 Software Tutorial #5: The Slingshot tool

HoverCam Flex 10 Installation Tutorial (Mac)

HoverCam Flex 10 Tutorial #2 (Mac): Function Introduction

How HoverCam Works with Interactive Flat Panels & Interactive Whiteboards

HDMI Viewer

How to use iOS Device & HDMI Viewer on Pilot Digital Podium

Trade Show Highlights

CUE 2018

HoverCam at TCEA 2018

HoverCam at FETC 2018

HoverCam at ISTE 2017

HoverCam at InfoComm 2017