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Let Us Show You Why Over 100,000 HoverCams Are Used In Schools.
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In the past, document cameras were so expensive many schools couldn’t afford one for every teacher. All that changed in 2011 when the HoverCam introduced the world’s first high-resolution USB document camera. Not only is the HoverCam price half that of traditional document cameras, the HoverCam is half the size and includes advanced software so teachers can do more with it.

More than just a document camera, each HoverCam is also a scanner, grading machine, video recorder and high-resolution web camera. Talk to teachers who have a HoverCam and you feel their passion for the HoverCam and how it enhances their lessons and saves them time.


How would you like to have your own document camera available anytime you need it? Not only is the HoverCam affordable, it takes up very little space on your desk and can be easily moved around your room and taken home. Imagine everything you could do with your own HoverCam. Scan an idea and save it to Evernote. Take a snapshot with the HoverCam and with one click bring it into your interactive whiteboard. Solve a problem real-time in front of the class. Record an instructional video for “flipped learning. ” Scan your syllabus, students’ homework or a magazine article and email it. Skype with a class on the other side of the district or the globe. Time-lapse record an experiment. Do all this and more with the HoverCam.

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Principals and Administrators

Provide your teachers a tool they’ll actually use that has an immediate impact on moral and lesson delivery, while stretching your budget. By adopting a new technology approach, the HoverCam provides a level of performance that equals traditional document cameras costing hundreds of dollars more. With the HoverCam, you can often purchase 2 or 3 times as many document cameras for the same amount of money. For every 100 units purchased, you could save $30,000. And, the HoverCam can also be used as an assessment tool for the grading of multiple choice quizzes and tests, allowing staff to export scores to your school’s SIS. Not only will your staff and students enjoy the HoverCam, may we also suggest you try one with your next presentation or when you need to scan a document?

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Tech Coordinators, Media Specialists and IT Directors

Look closely at the specifications and performance and you’ll realize why HoverCam is the technology leader in USB document cameras. We were first to market with the world’s first high-resolution USB document cameras with our T3 and T5 models. Our Neo 3 is the world’s first document camera with two cameras, allowing picture-in-picture, and the Neo allows simultaneous VGA and USB output. Our Solo 5 is the world’s fastest, true 5-megapixel USB document camera with refresh rates of 25 frames/second or more at UXGA resolution. The HoverCam Mini 5 is the world’s smallest document camera, ideal for teachers who lead professional development training or instruct at multiple locations. Our software, HoverCam Flex, works across all of our products, is Mac and PC compatible, and is highly regarded as top notch for functionality and ease of use. Our software license allows you to install HoverCam Flex on every computer in your school and we’ll even make it easy for you to deploy it to every computer in the district with an MSI install. We provide a list of training videos on our website (for customers who would like training), free software upgrades, and free tech support if you need it. We encourage you to see for yourself the HoverCam difference. Test drive a unit for free.

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